Texting and Driving Simulator from DriveWise Driving School

Texting and driving is a dangerous combination that has led to many fatalities. It has been reported that both teen and adult drivers text while behind the wheel. Eighty percent of collisions are now attributed to distracted driving.

At DriveWise in London Ontario, we use a state of-the art driving simulator to make the dangers of texting and driving real and immediate for drivers of all ages. We regularly bring our simulator to high schools and community events as an important public safety tool around this hot-button issue.

The Dangers of Texting While Driving

A study in Pediatrics found that 45 percent of high school students self-reported texting while driving despite major public awareness campaigns indicating the dangers of texting behind the wheel. Collisions are a leading cause of injury and death among teens, so it is critical that beginner drivers and teen drivers with G1 licences understand the dangers in distracted driving and focus on driving.

Texting creates a distraction from the road for experienced and beginner drivers alike. Teens in particular may feel socially pressured to stay connected at all times. They may feel that they must check who texted them or reach out to friends to avoid a social stigma. Unfortunately, there's no safe way to text and drive.

How our Driving Simulator Saves Lives

At DriveWise, our driving simulator allows teens to experience firsthand the dangers of driving and texting without being in a position to cause actual harm. The simulation mimics the driving experience by placing teens in a simulated driving environment with a steering wheel, accelerator, and brake. A trio of computer monitors provides a 180-degree view. As teens drive in the simulator environment, they face on-screen versions of common road hazards, such as traffic, pedestrians or cyclists, inclement weather, and obstacles.

They have the opportunity to text while driving and can see how this action makes them less safe. They can experience getting into a car crash from texting. Many teens feel shaken up after this experience.

Our Driving Simulator is an important part of all of our SafeStart driving courses, and is Ministry-approved as part of our Beginner Driver Education Courses.

DriveWise Promotes Safe Driving

DriveWise also regularly brings driving simulators into local London high schools to promote safe driving. The Texting and Driving campaign is powerful and has a definite impact on student driving habits by encouraging safe driving behavior. We also offer drinking and driving simulations for new drivers.

Contact Us today to learn more about using Driving Simulations for driver education at your next safety event.

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