Hands On Training

The DriveWise Difference

DriveWise's blended learning approach sets us apart from all other driving schools. The use of simulation allows our instructors to coach young drivers through situations that simply cannot be duplicated in a vehicle. Here are some examples of what this approach can teach that in-vehicle and classroom teaching alone cannot:

?A= Advanced hands on training via simulation to enhance in car training

?B= Basic training via in car (limited to comply with safety constraints)

*Only some competitors

Learning ObjectiveDriveWiseCompetitor*

Light Adverse Conditions
(rain, fog, snow, ice, night time)
A B B*
Intense Adverse Weather
(blizzard, black ice, heavy rain and fog)
Head on Collision avoidance with traffic A
Gravel shoulder recovery B B*
Freeway merge, drive and exit B B*
Blown tire emergency procedure A
Brake failure emergency procedure B B*
Consequences of distracted or impaired driving A
Skid recovery from fully active skid A
Intro to skid control B B*
Animal crossing avoidance A
Consequences of speeding A
Planned dangerous situations
(child runs out on road, managing aggressive drivers, illegal manoeuvres by other road users, cyclists etc.)
Apply correct response to emergency vehicles in lights and siren response A
Apply correct response to rear crash avoidance A
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