Drinking and Driving Simulator from DriveWise Driving School

Each year in Canada, around 1,500 people are killed in motor vehicle crashes involving an impaired driver. Drunk driving is a serious problem in Canada, and that is why it is so important for parents and teachers to teach their students about the dangers of driving under the influence. The best way to emphasize any driving skill is through hands-on learning. That is why DriveWise in London, Ontario offers this experience through driving simulators. Our driving simulators will simulate the effects of drinking and driving, so your students will understand exactly how dangerous this can be.

How Drinking and Driving Simulations Work

Impaired driving simulations from DriveWise take a sober driver, put them behind the wheel of a virtual car, and then create a simulation of what happens while driving drunk. Response time is digitally slowed, and students experience tunnel vision just as they would when driving under the influence of alcohol. Yet, when driving in the simulation, the students remain completely safe. Our hands-on driving simulation is what sets the DriveWise driving school apart from other London driving school options.

Drinking and Driving Simulations for Your Event

In addition to offering the impaired driving simulation to our students, we are pleased to offer it as a service to local high schools and at public safety events. Our driving simulator helps educate students and other beginner drivers about the dangers of driving under the influence. Drinking and driving simulations are an ideal way to teach students in a hands-on manner the true dangers behind driving while intoxicated. Our simulator can also teach students about the dangers of texting and driving. Invite DriveWise to your school during safety week or before a major dance or social event to improve the safety of your students.

Help Keep Beginning Drivers Safe with DriveWise

Whether you are a beginning driver, the parent of a beginning driver or a teacher looking for a way to instill the truth of the dangers of driving under the influence, a driving simulation is the best way to do it. Contact DriveWise today to schedule a driving simulator for your event or to sign up for our driving classes. Together, we will work to make you and those young drivers in your life as safe as possible!

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