About SafeStart

Why Choose DriveWise?

DriveWise is the perfect option for new drivers in today's world. DriveWise is the only company in Canada to offer the SafeStart driving program, a program which is changing the way beginners are learning to drive. We're proud to offer our students many different teaching tools and techniques as they learn to drive and prepare for their drive tests.

  • Our state-of-the-art virtual reality simulator lets our students build their confidence and familiarize themselves with the rules of the road in a safe environment. They'll be able to safely make mistakes and learn how to deal with tough driving situations before driving a real car
  • We know that interactive lectures are far more effective than a traditional classroom setting which is why we use this approach in all of our DriveWise driving courses. Our instructors use a Classroom Performance System which allows them to monitor student progress in real-time and to even mentor them along the way. Students use audience response systems to answer quiz questions and test their own learning in a way that is fun and informative
  • One of the most important components about learning how to drive are the one-on-one in car sessions. These sessions allow our instructors to give students unique and individualized instruction and attention; and they will never be placed in a car with other students

SafeStart is an MTO-approved BDE course which means we are an MTO-approved beginner driver education course provider in the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick, Alberta and British Columbia. We're also recognized by the insurance industry.

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Learning comparison

Interactive Classroom

  • All students encouraged to participate
    • Audience response
      • All students can participate  anonymously
  • Retaining Knowledge
    • Sim labs
      • Students retain more knowledge  when they are able to apply theory
    • Interactive quizzing
      • Fun, engaging and competitive


Traditional Classroom

  • Students may be singled out
    • Students may not participate out of fear of being incorrect
    • Not all students may become involved
  • Retaining Knowledge
    • Standard testing
      • Only theoretical knowledge is tested

Learning environment

Students alternate from the classroom and simulation lab to help increase learning retention

Driver Improvement Course (DIC)


Learn the theory

Driver Improvement Course (DIC)


Apply the theory

Audience Response Systems

  • Response systems insure all students are engaged in the classroom learning
  • Every Student has a chance to test their learning

Interactive Quizzing

  • Students split into teams
  • Team scores create a competitive environment
  • Student scores remain anonymous
    • Scores are saved for grading
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