Our Locations

If you're ready to learn how to drive, DriveWise is the driving school for you. With courses at London's own Fanshawe College, this is a great environment to learn and is easily accessible by London Transit from most parts of the city.

At DriveWise, we take a unique approach to learning how to drive. Our signature SafeStart driving lessons ensure you get all the tools and information that you need in order to be a safe and responsible driver. Unlike a lot of other driving schools in London, Ontario, we take a three-pronged approach to driving lessons that include:

Classroom Instruction – so you can get the information you need.

Driving Simulator – so you can feel what it's like to drive in different conditions.

Driving Lessons – so you can get the hands-on experience it takes to be a good driver.

Our Fanshawe College driving lessons is also an excellent location for practicing the in-car portion of your lessons. Because we're so close to the London International Airport and the 401, there are lots of great roads to practice speeding up, slowing down and getting on and off the highway and freeways. Another reason why our students love our Fanshawe location is because we're so close to some of their favourite places to eat and get snacks, like the Outback Shack, Tuscano's or 7/11.

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